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"Alexandra Gellner provides the most consistently daunting portrayal as Suzy Hendriks, the piece's central character. There's never a moment that the actress isn't completely convincing as the sightless Hendriks adeptly maneuvers up and down and around the multi-levels of Brian Morrison's superbly designed set."

~ Beti Trauth on WAIT UNTIL DARK, Times-Standard

"Alexandra Gellner had the toughest role as Lenny, and she made the most of some subtle shades."

~ William Kowinski on CRIMES OF THE HEART, The North Coast Journal

"The strongest actor on the entire stage was Alexandra Gellner as the Nurse. Gellner gave a potential one-off character life. The depth and heart Gellner discovered in the Nurse was incredible."

~ Michael Block on ROMEO & JULIET, Theater in the Now